Info & Statistics about $CVZA

Find out more about how Cerveza is distributed and what's the current status of the project! As always, feel free to post feedback or suggestions in our communities on Discord and telegram.

$CVZA is listed on:

Total Supply
1,000,000,000.00 CVZA
The amount of Cervezas available in total. The full supply has been minted and is final.
Current rates
Current rates in USD and XTZ on Quipuswap.
Circulating Supply
335,179,801.00 CVZA
Approximate amount of circulating supply. Team wallets and tokens reserved for marketing, brewery rewards and development excluded.
tzdrops & give-aways
126,683,706.00 CVZA
Amount spent for airdrops, give-aways and promotions. Further distribution of free tokens is currently not planned.
Marketing, Dev & Team
50,000,000.00 CVZA
150,000,000.00 CVZA
100,000,000.00 CVZA
Tokens reserved for the development and promotion of the project, as well as for founders team.
Live chart
Liquidity Pool
25,000,000.00 CVZA
Amount initially added to the liquidity pool by the project creators.
Staking rewards
400,000,000.00 CVZA (brewery)
48,500,000.00 CVZA 
(spent; external farms)
Rewards for liquidity pools, including pools on other sites (previously Crunchy and Sebuh)


You can buy and sell $CVZA against Tezos directly through the form below.
The process is pretty straight-forward but we have also prepared tutorials in our Help Center in case it's your first Cerveza...