Work with us

Let's brew together!

At every party someone has to run the bar. Brewing Cervezas and handing them out to thousands of crypto guests isn't an easy job. Luckily some people enjoy it, are you one of them? Join our team!
We prefer working location independent. This way everyone can enjoy their preferred local lager.
Across timezones and hangovers, documentation and inclusion is key.
We love what we do.
What to expect

We're currently working on several exciting projects

Would you like to be part of it?

Tezos Chain

We believe that the best party is yet to come on tezos. It has all the features today that other coins are announcing since years and an amazing community as well.


We have a lot of fun and unique ideas how $CVZA and the brewery will grow and develop over time. Still a lot of work ahead of us!

...and other dreams!

During the last months we have been working hard and some of the things we built will not only be used for Cerveza but for other projects as well. Exciting times ahead!

Current Openings

All permanent positions have been filled. However, we're always looking for help with Marketing, Community management and smart contract development for tasks related to Cerveza or related projects.

Please reach out if you think you'd fit in!