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New pools launch in Q4/2021. Submit your token for review now.
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It is live and you access it here.

Very soon we will start to offer more options for our brewers which means that token developers can distribute their tokens as staking rewards or increase their liquidity by joining the brewery.

The brewery is our fun and exciting approach to liquidity mining opportunities related to $CVZA and other Tezos tokens.

How token developers can join:

$CVZA/QP Pool + {your token}

Distribute your token as  reward paid out to our brewers to grow your community. A deposit of 105% of total rewards is required. The additional 5% will be airdropped to our community to raise awareness of the new staking opportunity.
* No additional fees charged for deployment of the farm. A tool to deploy farms live is in development.
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{your token} farm with $CVZA rewards

Increase your liquidity by accessing our community of active DeFi users: Launch a pool for your own liquidity pool with $CVZA as rewards.
* the token developer pays for $CVZA in the reward pool. No fees are charged for deployment.
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{your token} farm with {your token} rewards

Launch your own liquidity mining in the brewery with any combinations of tokens.
* Fee for deployment: 600,000CVZA
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